Usher cp 6311

I am interested in buying a pair of usher cp6311's and would like to hear opinions on needed amplification used
I have mine powered by two Parasound HCA 750s in mono configuration.
They actually sounded great with one amp too!
My room is small.
I paid about $1000. about a year ago- prices seem to be dropping.
I have usher rw729 and drive them with jeff roland model 6 monoblocks;a very nice match with a tube like presentation that is very close to my audiovalve challanger 180 monoblocks.
Mine sounded best with my Muse model 160 mk.II amp. They also sounded quite good with a raysonic SP 120 KT 88 integrated.
Thanks for all the responses - I currently own a Music Hall Mambo integrated putting out 50 all class 'A' wpc. I couldn't get my head around the 87db efficiency rating & if I would be able to listen to music on the 'loud' side once in a while.
The CP-6311 is not too difficult to drive. I drove a pair temporarily with a Peachtree Decco which has a 50 watt chip amp and it sounded great even at moderate levels. 50 class A watts should work just fine.