Usher's 718 BE monitor: Is it competitive with other monitors of the same vintage ?

Is the Usher 718 BE monitor equal to or better than the following monitor speakers 

Revel Performa3 M-106;..... ($2000 Retail)

Harbeth P3ESR ( $2190)

ProAC Tablette or Super Tablette   ( Retail price ?)

Totem Acoustic Mani 2  ....(Retail price: $2700   ?) 

Also which speaker above may have the best bass for a monitor??

The Usher;s were issued in 2008 and retailed for  $2795

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Never support theft and fraud. Usher blatantly steals from other loudspeaker manufacturers and makes money.
Imitation, yes. Theft? No. the amp is a threshold design and the changes they made were positive. Nothing of the speakers were stolen. 

I don't care much for the Be tweeter. If you find a pair with the diamonds they are far superior. 
@audiotgesis what are you talking about? Usher stole the entire line of Scanspeak drivers and has been selling them for over a decade now. Usher is stealing from a reputable European manufacturer every single day. Screw them! 
"Also which speaker above may have the best bass for a monitor??"

Totem Acoustic Mani 2 . Heard the Signature model and with a good stand it sounded better in bass than many floorstanders I have heard.  Not cheap. 

 To Invictus 

Scanspeak drivers are used by several manufacturers  They are sold by the company, so Usher did not have to steal any. You should not make claims you can't support with factual evidence.  In addition several manufacturers have designed and sold speakers of similar design to the BE-718, like the Reference 3A De Capo which has gone through several iterations, and I think now  use a beryllium type tweeter in their newest model.  

To kalali:  Correction, the pair of Mani 2 advertised showed a retail price of $2999, not $2700 as I speculated. Seems like a lot of money at the time of issue for a small monitor.  .  

Also that driver is not a scanspeak theft. It is a revised version of an old JBL driver. While they do look similar because the cone material is similar, the drivers themselves are different.