Using a projector for Blu-Ray or HD DVD

I have never seen a Blu-ray or an HD DVD picture. Are those two formats a quantum leap in picture quality over regular dvd pictures? Regular dvd looks pretty doggone good to me. I use a projector, will the difference using a projector be more or less noticeable on a television set or a projector.

This might help.
Less on projector, while the image is large its blacks and overall color washout cant compete, the best image obtainable is still the old glas tube but they dont get bigger than around 34 inches.
Royy...that was an outstanding article.

Thanks and it answered all of my questions.

I found the article interesting as well. However, I am a bit sceptical about a few of the things it says, for example, the part about not needing a full resolution display in order to take advantage of the signal. I have no reason to doubt that a lower resolution display will be good, but I fully expect the higher resolution display to be better. Keep in mind that the article is relatively dated. The "overpriced, overhyped" 1080p displays are now dropping in price. The material at the end of the article is also dated, where it comments on the relative dearth of Blu-Ray titles compared to HD-DVD. The format war is far from over. In the interim, it might be wise to pick up one of the newly emerging players that do both
I have the Sony Ruby and a Toshiba x1a. All discs don't floor me but the good discs do.I use a 92 size screen. Further I rent from Netflix,which is a cheap option. At this point, being Sony is behind BD; I really expect BD to win this race. The PS3 is suposedly a great BD player; just no upconverting of reg dvds.They (Sony)are now starting to run adds. As a sad example there have been few new releases in the HD- format. Netflix carries both but I expect even tho HD- had a 3/4 month headstart BD will pass them in # of movies available;real soon. It is sad for us consumers;rather than a format war;we love peace and ONE format.