Using the Logitech Duet Remote with the Touch

Is the original LCD remote from my Logitech Duet work with the current new Squeezbox Touch unit?

I am thinking of getting the touch unit and would be great if the LCD remote is compatible with the current unit as well.

According to Logitech, it will. I am planning on moving my Duet to bedroom system and add Touch to den system. Use the Duet remote for both.
The Duet Controller works perfectly with the Touch. I've been using that combo for six months now. (I sold the Duet Receiver a month or two after I bought the Touch.)

The Duet Controller also works just fine with my old SB3 and the Squeezebox Radio.
IIRC, the Duet controller is compatible with all Squeezebox products. I know it worked fine with my Touch.