Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?

It was actually my second "real" system...but it is simply historic how many people that love great audio systems and the music they allowed us to enjoy started or at one time owned the original Large Advents.  If there is to be a list of the most influential audio products of all time, the Large Advent would be at or near the top.  I guess another interesting question would be how many sets of these Large Advents are still in use.  My brother in law and my sister still have a set of Small Advents in use in their den. 
My first loudspeakers were Realistic Nova 7’s from Radio Shack.  Within a few years, I was able to replace them with walnut large Advents.  That was definitely an improvement, though it seemed that the Advents didn’t have some of the highs (or was it brightness?) of some of my friends’ speakers.  I played them via a Pioneer SX-626, which only put out about 27 wpc, which wasn’t bad in my bedroom.  When I moved to an apt., I took them with me and they got stolen along with the rest of my equipment.  
Just found a review of my Advent Legacy speakers.   Looks like they can still be found on eBay.    Temptation🥺
Yeah, me too. I was broke and did not have a TV but managed to scrape together enough to buy the Advents. Powered with a amp and pre-amp I made. I've never regretted any money I spent on stereos and enjoyed listening to the Advents for years.

Began my journey with AR 4x speakers which were quickly replaced with the original Advents. There were no Small Advents yet so I don't think the moniker "Large Advents" existed at that point. Those were driven by a McIntosh MA 5100 integrated amp and the source was a Thorens TT. Replaced the Advents with McIntosh ML-1's and an Advent "Frequency Balance Control" equalizer which was used in place of the McIntosh equalizer which was made for their speakers. This was in the early 70's, and was the initiation of my decent into audio madness...

Wow, this takes me back! My speaker journey:
large advents 1974-1978
dahlquist DQ-10s 1978-1985
b&w DM-3000s 1985-1997
b&w 603S2 as part of a home theater 1997-2012
goldenear  triton 2s 2012-2016
goldenear  triton 1s 2016-now

i also bought large advents and recreated my original system about five years ago, sold that off 2 years ago, and last year bought and restored Dahlquist DQ-10s and built another throwback system with a NAD preamp and Luxman DD turntable.  Revisiting my wayward audio youth, I guess.