Value Front Projector

Hi, I am considering buying a front projector for my home theater. I am willing to spend about $15,000. for a good picture to go with my HighEnd music system. LCDs are out of the question. I got a chance to see the (much talked about) Drem Vision, but was not impressed at all. I also took a look at the Dwin 700, but wish for something better. Has anyone seen the Runco one chip DLPs and compared it to the Dream Vision? I got a chance to see the Runco 991 and it was exactly what I was looking for, but do not know what it cost. Are there any other DLPs out there worth looking into? And what other CRTs should I look into that would equal the Runco 991's performance in my price range? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanx. BTW-The room is 17x26x9
I saw Dream Vision,a year or so back.I wasn't as put off as you were.The thing was ,it didn't do 1080.The article in TPV on Sony VPL-VW10 HT LCD would make it something I would want to check out,and only 7 grand.
Try taking a look at the Zenith 900Pro. It is an HD crt projector that has an MSRP of around $13k. It really has a nice picture (especially when you add a doubler), and will project up to a 240" wide image. The Runco will probably run you at least 2 to 3 times the price. Just an idea!
I purchased last week the Runco VX101 DLP projector. Extremely pleasing picture without spending big bucks on a good CRT. I chose this product after viewing several LCD and DLP projectors. In my opinion, this is the best projector of any in its price range (about $10,000).
I recently saw the Dream Vision projector and was not at all impressed. I think the better option is to buy a used CRT.