Value of Technics SE-A3Mk2?

I have a near-perfect Technics SE-A3Mk2 amplifier that I'd like to sell...but I'm having trouble determining a realistic value.  Cosmetically, it's not 100% perfect...I'd say 95% as there is a minor mar on the right panel.  Functionally, it is 100% and, FWIW, I have the original box, terminal cover, and manual.

I see on eBay a few listings from +/-$3000 for units with obvious cosmetic issues all the way to $6,400 for one that is advertised as "near mint."  That's a pretty broad range.

What do you guys think?
ebay has sales history for the purpose you seek.  Ebay asking prices are of little help if you really want it sold.

I'm interested in buying your old school amp. Do you have any photos of your Technics SE-A3MK2 power amp?

Unfortunately, the sales history on eBay isn’t very deep since these things don’t seem to come up often. Thanks, though, for reminding me to check the completed sales section...I forgot to do that.

@brianmckoy...I’ll send you a pm