Value Powerhouse SS amp

Heres some of my choices.

Mccormack DNA-2. DNA 225./ Rowland #5 Classe Dr25 or 300,400
Spectron MusicanII / Pass 250,/ ect. Aragon 8008
Ive used Many Larger amps Worst ive heard on my Schweikerts Were Krell MDA 300. UNmusical Unmatched.Ive unloaded Large$$ on new Schweikets.
Need Very tight control,seamless intrigration,very lively without brightness. Anything for around 2K
I've owned most of Amps on your list. My vote for Pass Labs X250 and McCormack DNA-2
Good luck.
Have you considered a Bryston 4B ST or SST? That would match your criteria, in my opinion. Good luck in your search.
I vote for the Classé 25. Have heard good things about Belles and Gamut too. Good luck !
Spectron seems to be a popular choice to match up to Von Schweikerts, I've heard a few systems with that combo and they all sounded good. But if your talking value and powerhouse SS amps I strongly suggest McCormack.
Try the Carver Pro amps that are out there. They can be seen on Agon occasionally. I have the 1600 mono into Mirage M3 first, and now VMPS ST2. The bass has much greater control and presence than the Classe 400 I had previous, and of course sounds , as you put it, lively compared to the Classe as well. Around your price NEW and can be had through Pro sound stores, not High End stores. They have other models out since I purchased mine, so check their web site at . You can see the 1600 in my virtual system here under "Zapper's Room".