VAM1202 same as Phillips CDM 1201?

I need to replace the transport on my Shanling CD t100 and the only thing I can find is the VAM1202 and a lot of conflicting information on whether or not it is the same as the Phillips.

Has anyone successfully used a VAM1202 in replacement for a Phillips 1201
VAM1202 is a complete transport mechanism. VAM1201 is just a laser pickup. Both are Philips parts.
Is the VAM1202 a reliable transport mechanism and is the VAM1201 a quality pickup? Does anyone have experience with a player with the Philips VAM1202 transport mechanism and the VAM1201? Thanks
Hi Elberoth

Thanks for the info. I was mulling a Kavent CD-931 that uses the Philips VAM1202 mechanism in it. It looks like a solid piece all around. I was just wondering about its reliability as I couldn't find much info on the net about it. Does the Philips VAM1202 need replacement every couple of years if it is in a CDP that you use fairly often?
You do not have to worry. The piece is very reliable (at least for CD mechanisms standards) and is readily available. You can get a brand new one off ebay for a couple of bucks.
I have two that are new I bought off ebay for my cd player but had it repaired by someone else. If you can take a picture of it, that would be helpful. They are more than a few bucks though.
Hi Elberoth and Jeff

Thanks for the input, it helps me a lot. Because I don't see Kavent gear traded here so often I was worried that should an issue develop with the player I was looking at that I would be s.o.l. if parts were needed for repair.

Now I'm off to rationalize the expenditure of the Kavent CD-931 to myself. ;)

Again the help is appreciated.