Vandersteen Model 1 Driver Failure: Worth Fixing?

An older pair of Model 1s now has a larger driver which is not working. Visual inspection did not reveal anything obvious, i.e., simple. Given their age, is pursuing repair/refurb through Vandersteen worth the cost/effort? Nephew in Denver has them. Any recommended shops around there to look at them? THANKS!
Check the crossover. I had the same problem with a pair of 2CE speakers. Turned out to be a bad component in the crossover.
If you really love your Vandy's, I would contact Mr. V. and get his take on repair.
The 1,2, and 3's are built with budget in mind. I bet repair wouldn't be unreasonable. Plus, if you send them back to the factory, I bet they would upgrade other components, as well.
Call Mr. V., he will call back the following day or two.
Depends on which model of 1’s you have. I have a set of 1’s from probably the late 90’s/early 20’s. I only paid about $325 for them shipped in really great condition. It won’t take much to spend as much as their worth on repairs.

You might try Millersound (in PA). Send Bill the speaker and have him rebuild if/as necessary. But, call him first and explain your issue, he may be able to trouble-shoot over the phone per your issue. Probably about $125 for a driver rebuild including shipping. Shipping the driver to Vandersteen may cost twice that. I know as Bill rebuilt one of the acoustic couplers on my 2CE Sigs, and Vanersteen wanted twice the amount for repair.

Sending in the whole speaker for a crossover fix will start to cost quite a bit just for shipping, plus repair. And getting to to crossover panel is not easy on the 1,2, and 3’s. And no, depending on your particular model, upgrades could be extremely limited. As stated, if Bill @ Millersound thinks it is something other than the driver, call Richard, or Vandersteen, directly. He/they can give you an idea what repairs may cost, but it won’t be cheap vs their value.

Then make a decision. You can easily pick up another used set for under $400~500, and perhaps part-out your current set.
After cats ripped the covers of my 1Bs, I sent ’em off to Vandy and they replaced the covers and tightened up everything. Not expensive, although it was a while ago...asked them if upgraded drivers were available and old Richard got on the phone and was outraged at such a suggestion as newer models had so many upgrades beyond simply the drivers...oops...anyway, they came back in perfect shape and I immediately sold them as we still had cats (don’t now and never will again) and I couldn’t stand seeing the Vandys get abused again. By the way, GREAT speakers utterly worth fixing.