Vandersteen's Low Spousal Acceptance Factor

I purchased the Vandy 2ce sigs recently, and really like their sound. I know everyone has strong opinions about them on this site, but to me they sound very natural and balanced. I've owned Revels, Thiels and Von Schweikerts, but they all sounded slightly colored and/or dry by comparison.

Enter the dreaded Spousal/Wife Acceptance Factor. My wife HATES the way the Vandy's look. Is there anyone who can modify/dress the Vandy's to make them more presentable?? Or, is there another speaker (even if it costs a little more) out there that has that first-order sound, but doesn't look like a black box? Help!
If you like the Vandy sound, I would look at picking up a used pair of Meadowlarks...

I can sympathize with you on the Vandy's, I too like their sound, and the better half (the wife) said, "there is NO way in HELL you are paying thousands of dollars to have it covered with an ugly black sock that looks like a box..."

heh, and I went looking in another direction...
Hi - I've written this before, but you can spend less, have possibly much higher WAF (depending on preferences), and have extremely similar but even better sonics (IMHO) with Dahlquist DQ-20's. Under $500 used for a beautiful pair and still one of the most magical mid-ranges out there. I'm always keep a pair around my place.
You can remove the speaker grill cloth (audibly unnecessary). The top & bottom panels must stay on, for the tweeter first reflection and the 4 poles that brace the frame. Then you could paint the black wood box some other color or shinny. Or you can order a different color grill cloth from Vandy or obtain it from another source like a fabric store, just make sure there is no audible differences.

Or get rid of the wife :)
I like the way he thinks out of the box (no pun intended) You were looking at this the wrong way. Instead of trading the speaker trade the spouse. Nice clear open rich voices out of the speaker or constent screatchey nagging? Your choice.