Vandersteen X-2 crossover???

I have a pair of Vandersteen X-2 crossovers (rca) for use with 2wq subs. They have 50k printed on them. Does this mean that they are for use on amps with a 50k input impedance?
I spent about a year trying to get a good integration between my Magneplanar 1.6s and the Vandersteen 2Wq. The good news is you can get a pretty good match by varying the Q setting. The bad news is you have to put a capacitor in your signal path as a first-order high-pass filter. The original W-4 box lets you vary the capacitance value until you get a good match with your amp. Despite my amp being nominally 100k input impedence, I found a 50k setting worked best. Then I replaced the switchbox with the specific X-2. Unfortunately, it make a big audible impact. I ended up using a Dynamicap instead, for a more transparent sound.


I believe that the number on the crossovers are the measurement in HTZ where the frequency crosses over to the subwoofer. I have mine set at 75, so any frequency over 75 HTZ goes to the two front speakers, frequencies below 75 HTZ go to the subwoofer. Hope this helps...and I hope I am right.
(((((I believe that the number on the crossovers are the measurement in HTZ where the frequency crosses over to the subwoofer)))) The 50 K numbers on the fixed x overs corresponds to the Input Imp of your amp.
This can vary sometimes one up or one down from normal.
Sometimes Rotels and Brystons must go 2 down and is why you need to try the Temp box that comes with the 2WQ for best results.
Sometimes with Magies you can get better results by inverting the Sub or subs 180 by flipping the inputs.
Dont forget to level and install spikes tightly.
Cheers Johnnyr

Please read above disclaimer and don't ever suggest I didn't warn everyone! I take zero responsibility for what you do to your system.

But, I've removed the crossovers completely. I found that the sound is much better without them altogether. I've been told that I could wreck the subs, it's not right, etc.

So what. I've been running them this way for several months without any mishaps or problems. Zilch.

And the sound is better imho. So good that I'll run the risk of potential damage (I doubt very highly there will be any, partly because I do not listen at rediculous levels). Maybe if I run them this way for twenty years a driver will fail!

I found that using the X-2 crossover and extra set of cables, or putting the fixed crossover into the signal path of the mains (Chapman T-7's) diminished the sound quality overall. By cutting off frequencies from 80hz or so down to the mains, I was literally handicapping them. One of the Chapman's strengths is their incredible bass. Once I removed the crossovers and had both the Chapmans and the 2W's running full tilt I was stunned at how much better the low end became - not just the low end, the entire presentation!

I can certainly see where if one did not have capable enough mains, the crossover would be extremely valuable, even indispensible. But, with hefty, high quality mains there seems to be no issue with running full signal into them as well as the subs.
So, the crossovers are out and I couldn't be happier.

I can hear some saying, "You're adding distortion to the sound by running full signal into the subs..." So what. It sounds better than any time in the past I have ever put the crossovers in, whether X-2 or fixed.

I'm sure this will not be a solution for the majority. Anyone without mains having QUITE good bass authority wouldn't benefit all that much. I run the subs all the time, for audio and HT, and I'm loving the "crossoverless" sound.

And if you're afraid of wrecking something then don't do it.

Like I said, do your thing with your system and accept your consequences, but no crossover is where I'm at. If you think it's stupid, so be it. Keep using your crossover and be happy. Might I change my mind in the future at some point? Yeah, sure, I'm an audiophile! But for me to be keeping this setup for months without a thought of change is like an eternity for me and a good indicator I like it better. :)
Higher,I agree,i removed the crossover's and the whole system sounded very much clearer-i certainly was surprised.
Thank you.