Volti Vittora with Sub & Amp Crossover - Thoughts?

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Belated Happy New Year to you all!

I'm auditioning the speakers in the title and would like to know the opinions of anyone who's heard them please?

Also, what type of music did you hear them playing? Anything like rock or complex music?

Finally, does anyone know how much these speakers retail for new?

Thank you for viewing and a double thank you if you post :)

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Volti Audio sells the Vittora system direct to customers, with no distributors or dealers. Current manufacturer-direct price for a set of Vittora speakers is $25,750.00. This includes two bass horns, two tophat mid/tweeter horn cabinets, and one ELF cabinet.

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Thanks for replying.

@russ69 Sorry, I will be listening to them in about a week. I haven't heard them yet. Should have made myself more clear.

@tony1954 Thank you for the info, very useful.

@mrdecibel Thanks, but a bit too expensive, especially when I factor in shipping, duty and tax.

If anyone else has any input, please feel free to chime in!

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@dagda I am so excited for you ( I assume you purchased the Vittora package ), and I will surely follow your progress with them. My best !

I listened to this combo at the 2015 NY Audio Show. They were powered by Vinnie Rossi preamp, phono,and amplifier. I think the vinyl front end was a Plamer TT. They put ZZ Top “La Grange” on the TT and away we went. The sound was loud, impactful and clean but lacked an emotional connection to the music. I like to be engaged when I listen and “get” what the artist is conveying. Didn’t happen with the Volti’s but that was under show conditions and maybe the gear played a little flat too? Dunno wish I could have heard them with good tube gear it could be the difference? FWIW I’m a single driver SET guy no crossover just source-pre-amp-speaker nothing else in the line to filter the signal. 

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@mrdecibel Thank you, I've yet to hear them :) I'll be listening to them on the 15th.
I'm already far more exited that I should be! Really looking forward to it. 

@snapsc I really hope so!

@rodge827 Thank you for the info. I would expect that equipment pairing with speakers like these will need some careful consideration.

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Hello Folks,

Unless I’ve made some dire mistake with my bank transfer, I’m now the proud owner of a pair of Vittora’s :)

1st time trying to share images, hope they work...

Edit, they didn’t 2nd try. Edit 2: They kind of work, after clicking on the link, you have to click on the image file to embiggen them.



Now I just need to find a company to move 3 pallets totalling ~half a ton and make sure the insurance covers any damage!

@russ69 Now I’ve heard them: Airy, fast, deep, wide. The sub was dialled in well, no hint is was there. Female vocals were fantastic.
I lack the audiophile reviewer’s vocabulary to convey my thoughts well.
How about saying I had a stupid grin on my face most of the time?

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Dagda :)

@dagda Congratulations. I was tempted by a Vittora listing combined with Jeffrey Jackson amplification. One wonders. Wishing you many, many stupid grins over the years!!!

@dagda photos of your room....beautiful ! Are you using the tweeters on the inside or outside ? ( I would enjoy them more with the tweeters on the inside, with your set up ). Enjoy ! They are a favorite of mine. Always, MrD.

@mrdecibel Sadly, that's not my room :(

It was the room I auditioned the speakers in prior to purchase.

Though I agree, it is beautiful and I wish it was mine!

My room will be much less photogenic, though I hope to approach it being as musical after some work.

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Incredible!!! Wishing you all the best ! What is the wood ? They are just perfect !!!


@snapsc ​​​​@tomic601 Sorry for the late reply, I've been trying to organise shipping for them. Three pallets with a combined weight of 470kg apparently 😲

I think the finish is rosewood.

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@dagda, Any update on how they sound?  I love the Volti speakers I've heard and I'd love to hear yours. I bet you'll love them.

You made a wise choice! I have Volti upgraded khorns and so close to the avantgarde duos I really could not tell the difference. with tubes you will be in Heaven!