Variable analog output cdp under $800 used?

Alright I'm looking for a variable analog output player to connect straight to my amps without using a preamp for now.

I would prefer a tube player, but SS is ok also.

My amps will be Cary slam 100 mono's or Manley snapper mono's, whatever I can find a good deal on first.

I'm working with a $800 budget for the source

Have you tried searching the forums by typing in " cd player with volume control " ?

This might be a good place to start ........
Look at Cary CDP-1, will matchup with you amps and they sound great, I own one and use it with a tubed integrated. There is one for sale now here on A'gon, no it's not mine.
If you don't find one you could get an external volume control such as the Creek, I paid $150 for mine and use it with my video system. It would require an extra cable but likely will be better made than an internal volume control.
I would look for something with an analog volume control. Resolution Audio CD50 or CD55 come to mind ... also several Dynaco players had analog volume controls and were quite good. I think they were CDV-1, CDV-2 and CDV-Pro but not sure.