Variable stream transmission quality

I recently acquired a dCS Rossini Apex dac, with the idea of moving away from CDs, but I find sound differences between TIDAL and Qobuz when playing the same song. I have also noticed that the sound quality in general changes from day to day, so I thought about going back to the CD. I wonder if it has to do with the atmospheric condition that could affect the Stramer transmission?


What is your streamer? You have a very DAC… and I assume associated system.


I have been streaming with a high end system for four years… and 15 years before that. And I find the sound absolutely consistent. My streamer cashes the data.. so it sounds exactly like the CD and typically sounds better… often because the Qobuz has a high resolution version. But recently I noticed the noise floor is actually lower with streamed files (my Aurrender W20SE streamer operates on battery power for the audio circuits) over CDs. 

I’m guessing it is related to the streamer. 



Many listeners, including myself, find that Qobuz CD and hires SQ is superior to Tidal. But, what is often overlooked are the many remastered albums on streaming services. You need to make sure to compare identical albums.
Not always possible, Tidal and Qobuz may not offer the same version.


Yes, it’s a very good DAC. Possibly (I’m guessing) changes in SQ could be due to the head end of the transmission or entry to your system, IOW, the provider of the signal. Or maybe your modem or router, RFI may also be introduced at some stage of the signal path.

I thank everyone for their participation, I have managed to substantially improve the reception quality, using Roon Nucleus as a server, in exchange for the previous NUC computer.