Vendetta phono stage upgrades

A question for the diehards. Does anybody know how to get an older Vendetta phono stage upgraded to current "D" status?
Tou would have to contact John Curl--I'd suggest trying at Audio Asylum, he's a frequent contributor there. In the old days, it reputedly took a long time to get John to finish the upgrades; perhaps he's faster with turnaround now. The Vendetta was a work of art, one of the few components I sold that I should have kept, if only out of admiration of the design, designer and craftsmanship.
I have a Vendetta Research also and I spoke to John Curl last year and he said he would upgrade mine, but I would have to bring it to him in Berkeley, CA because he didn't want to hassle with the shipping. Well, I never did because money got tight, but wish I had, and since I lost the phone I had for him. You might try information in Berkeley or call Brian Cheney at VMPS, he's friends with him. Lastly, Parasound might be able to get your message to him since he did work for them. If you find him again, let us all know. I wouldn't mine getting my 2A upgraded.