Verastarr---Magnepan Upgrade

happen to come across this and was curious if anybody has tried this with their Magnepans ?
No, but I can say that replacing the standard jumper bars by a good quality jumper cable (I use short lengths of Nordost Valkyrja) and the standard fuses with something better (I use Synergistic Research Black fuses) can make a huge difference.

So if you have Magnepans or are thinking of buying a pair, these upgrades are a no brainer, being easy to install and relatively affordable. I assume that  the products your mention will work just fine, but there are plenty of others options to consider.

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I purchased the Verastarr upgrade ( silver polished rods and jumper cables) for my 3.7’s about a year ago and definitely heard an improvement. Just remember that without the fuses if you are not careful you could damage your speakers. I’m very careful to make sure my amp is turned off before removing my speaker cables.

gotcha on turning the amp off when removing speaker cables.     

do you see any issue with leaving a solid state amp on all the time ?     
I leave my SS amp (Plinius SA Reference) on 24/7 (unless I'm on vacation) and have had no issues.
Time to revive an old thread....

I just installed this Verastarr Maggie Upgrade on my 1.7i....
At first listen, I thought "bright".... then I continued. I soon realized that what I heard was not brightness but upper frequencies that I previously hadn't heard with the Maggies. Then a voice appeared dead center , as usual, but this time more center... if that's possible. And, solid , defined... I had to open my eyes to see if Amber was actually sitting between my speakers... spooky. So then I listened to 2 Cellos... one of my favorites...  I could hear the movement of the strings, a new sense of air around each instrument... this is awesome.
If you have Maggies and haven't upgraded the fuse and jumper.... do it... now.
Thank me later..
I just installed the Verastarr upgrades in my Magnepan 3.7i speakers and I'm happy to say the sound has improved.  Not by very much, but it is another layer of detail that I'm hearing.  Mike is super knowledgeable and  pleasure to work with.  

I had already moved my crossovers off the panels on to wooden stand I made with a vibration pads that the crossovers sit on the floor right behind the speakers.I was already using another companies Magnepan kit but for me I want the best sound that I can afford while sitting in the sweet spot so I gave Verastarr kit a try after talking to Mike [nice guy] and it did take the sound to another level and a big leap from stock setup.My 20.1's were about 8 years old and way out of warranty so I decided to bypass the fuse panel altogether and from the crossover to the speaker there was cable coming from the fuse panel for me to use Transparent Audio banana plugs right into the crossovers and the mid-range really opened up.Verastarr Maggy upgrade is well worth it and it's a simple upgrade to install.I ran that setup for a couple of years no amp or speaker problems at all.

I am just now seeing this thread

Just curious- the wires in the speakers themselves are nothing fancy

And the wires from the jumpers are very thin compared to the huge jumpers

It almost seems like it would be necessary to retire the complete speaker to improve this