Verastarr SSA64 REM port ? ?

I have a  Verastarr SSA64 amp purchase approx 5-8 years ago. On the rear of the unit below the XLR connection is a small connection called REM.   My reading and research leads me to think this is associated with a Remote connection or 12v trigger connection.  I have a photo but am not able to post it here . . . . ( I don't know how to post photo here). Do anyone have  this equipment and can assist me  or A REM connection on any other equipment you might have ? ?  How is it used ? ?  The unit did not come with a manual.  
   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   . . .  Thanks
also . . this piece of equipment "SSA64" is the flagship of my 5.1 setup and especially my 2 channel listening. . . never heard anything like it.