Verastarr SSA64 Any thoughts on this HT Amp

I am in the market for a high end HT amp.I own a Theta Cas3 processor and am presently waiting for my new speaker system by Rick Reimer (Tetons for Mains).I was thinking of doing a theta amp to match up with my Cas3 but the ads for theSSA64 have caught my eye.Any idea's or other suggestions.Thanks Kevin
My brother, Randall, just purchased the Verastarr SSA-64 from Mike Powell and it is one beautiful amp inside and out. Visually, the front faceplate is stunning. From the WBT Platinum Topline Signature binding posts to the Silver Reference Power Cord, this is an amazing amp that has value written all over it even if it is purchased at full MSRP of $9,995.00.

This amp is powerful, musical and transparent. No evidence of it being bright and harsh. It has a warm tube like character.

The SSA-64 is a medium input impedence amp and we set it up with 3 pairs of MIT SHOTGUN MI-330 Medium Impedence one meter RCA cables. The RCA's were attached to the preamp outs of a Yamaha RX-Z9. The speakers utilized in this home theater setup are 2 pairs of Paradigm studio 100's version 3 and matching identical front and rear center channel speakers.

The speakers came to life with the Verastarr SSA-64 amp. All of a sudden, the speakers became much fuller. The bass noticeably deepened when playing music. The high notes were more clear when playing music. This amp rocks. There was a night and day difference between the Verastarr SSA-64 and the Yamaha. The amp section of the RX-Z9 was simply no match for the Verastarr SSA-64.

The Verastarr SSA-64 runs cool. To have 400 WPC at 8 ohms for 6 channels running cool to the touch is impressive.

After the Verastarr SSA-64 was hooked up via the MIT MI-330 cabling, we checked for speaker hiss. We could detect none. We checked for system hum and found none. More impressive results.

The Verastarr SSA-64 is warmer and more tube like than the Cinepro 3K6 SEGOLD, which is a tad brighter. It is probably a touch warmer than an EAD PowerMaster 2000. This is probably attributable to the upgraded power supply and the upgraded and vastly larger REL-CAPS (6)connected externally to the 3 output boards. The Cinepro 3K6 SEGOLD had much smaller REL-CAPS attached directly onto the 3 output boards.

The Verastarr SSA-64 has substantial dynamic headroom.

The Verastarr SSA-64 is an incredible solid state amp. It is powerful, musical and transparent. It is a step up from the Cinepro 3K6 SEGOLD. It is a bargain when compared to the overpriced and overated Krell's, Classe's, Rowland's, Levinson's,etc.

We were fortunate to be able to purchase one at approximately half the full retail price of $9,995.00

CLazzaro- Can you give me some feedback on the 3-speed fan.You mentioned how cool the amp ran, but is the fan quiet during operation? Thanks Kevin
The 3 speed fan means Off, low and high. The fan probably never even turned on while they were listening. Even on high, the fan is silent. This was very important to us when designing this amplifier.

Thanks !
Mike Powell
CEO/ Verastarr
HI Mike-Your amp has caught my eye.As my tread stated,i'm looking for a HT amp that has plenty of power but is also very musical for 2 channel listening.How does this amp drive speakers under a 4 ohm load? I love my music very loud!I am presently using a aragon3005(300x5)which is slightly bright in my system.I really want a AMP that doubles as a HT amp and sounds warm but sweet in 2 channel.Let me know what you think? Thanks!
My Cinepro 3K6 SEGOLD easily drives 2 pairs of KEF Reference 4.2's which are 4 ohm speakers. The Cinepro 3K6 SEGOLD and the Verastarr SSA-64 could easily blow out all the drivers in my KEF speakers if the volume was turned up too high. These are extraordinarily powerful amps.

The Verastarr SSA-64 will finesse the socks off of your feet. The amp is warm, transparent and powerful. The SSA-64 is a statement piece for any home theater system. Even the most demanding audiophile will delight at the sound produced by the SSA-64 for 2 channel audio.
The fan runs constantly on my Cinepro 3K6 SEGOLD. However, it runs almost silently and is barely noticeable.

On the other hand, the fan operation on the Verastarr SSA-64 is a more advanced design as previously described by Mike Powell. We did not notice it on when we were scrutinizing the amp. When it does go on, you will barely notice same.

I should also point out that my 3K6 SEGOLD amp was upgraded by Mike Powell of Verastarr/CineproTheater.

Internally, the upgrade consisted of the amp shutting down on stand by mode (no fan operation), prewire for 220 operation, recalibration, 20 amp operation, silver reference power cord and WBT Topline Signature Binding Posts (12) in gold polish.

With all of the upgrades, the Cinepro 3K6 SEGOLD is not as warm as the Verastarr SSA-64. This does not mean that my Cinepro 3K6 SEGOLD is bright or harsh. Both are great amps but the SSA-64 has a different sonic signature that is most pleasing.
I recently bought one of Verastarr's SSA64 amps from Mike Powell. It's a workhorse! Sounds great, and runs cool. It's flexible enough to be used for a variety of applications.

I use it to drive a set of Legacy Whispers, which just "sing" when really opened up with the SSA64.

Nice piece of engineering!

Hi Cinepro-Are you using the SSA64 for HT or 2 CH.I have been in touch with Mike about ordering this amp.I am waiting for my new speakers to arrive any day(reimer tetons).These speakers like the Whispers,are rated 4 ohms and are very efficent (95db).Are you using a pre/pro?Can you give me some idea's for cabling and front end(cd player).Thanks Kevin
Hi ... I'm using the SSA64 for HT primarily, although I am considering bridging to two massive channels and using it through the Whispers for two channel only. It's pretty versatile, so you have lots of options.
I'm currently using a Denon integrated pre/pro for HT. The CD source I am using is a Theta CDP, with Audioquest cables. They seem to be a decent compromise between cost and performance. I just can't justify spending $1200 for a one meter I/C cable...!

Good luck