Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation

I have been living with these speakers a little over a week now. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. They do so much right and so little wrong. It’s a shame that this company had to call it quits. So much performance from what is essentially a modestly sized enclosure, they completely fill my 400+ sq. ft. room with beautiful sound. I’m just starting this thread to echo what’s already been said about Verity speakers.


It can pour out of the rear, or it can pour out of the front if you choose.

Thanks for the silly, but expected, comment.

 Hi ozzy.  I've enjoyed my Parsifal Encores for decades. Following consultation with Julien Pelchat re the 25th Anniv mods, I copied most of them to arrive at improved performance. First, DO replace the 3/4" granite plate with a 1" aluminum one you can get from Midwest metals for about a hundred bucks each. Use 1/4" sorbo pucks above and below.

Instead of the $4k expense of the MAASI plinths Julien suggested I use 1.5" butcherblock below more sorbo discs. Below the BB I used Iso-Acoustrics 76 sorbo footers. Net height increase to 42.5", improving sit-down/stand-up transitions. Bass is tighter (but not more). Soundstage clarity improved.

Note that as I listen in the nearfield, with a Steinway in between the P's I have the woofs pointed forwards, as the response was way too anemic flipped rearward.

I've listened to a LOT of speakers at shows over the past three years. VERY few have the gorgeous midrange and coherence of the Parsifal. It's mostly due to the 5 Art Audio midrange driver that's extraordinarily-crossed at 150Hz and way up at 5,5kHz for a stat-like wavefront without audible combing if one stays in the sweet spot.  A few loftier contenders have piqued my interest (Stenheim 3 and Rockports), but I'll stay married to the Parsifals. Note that I run them with an EMC-1 UP CDP through Pass pre to new ArgentPur Monoblocs and all my AgPur cables.

Soundstage clarity and geometry is profoundly good. Glad you're enjoying yours.

Pick 'em up 2-3" and treat tret to soolid pure Ag cables (inc the jumpers) and you'll be amazed.

I've read that Verity has extra drivers on hand for future needs. As they were originally matched to <0.25dB pairs I wonder whether to chase spares?

why is that silly. They have a large bass driver pointing out the grab your bass busters and anything else you can find to dampen that crap