Vertex AQ power cable

I have a custom Vertex AQ Hi-Rez Roraima power cable.

Vertex is a UK company. Steve at Vertex was kind enough to retrofit my cable with the top of the line US Furutech connector.

The cable has acoustic absorption technology and EMI reduction. I use it from my power conditioner to my wall receptacle.

I also have their Jaya Silver + filter.

The results are astonishing. Hard to believe a cable and power connector can make that much of a difference in musicality and coherence.

From the website:

"The additional technology in the Vertex AQ HiRez Roraimas really does take the performance of this cable into another league, with a hugely reduced noise floor and lower colouration. The whole musical experience is smoother and sweeter with much more delicacy and transparency. However, the biggest improvement has to be the massive step-up in vibrancy, grip and drive."

This is all true.