The connectors are decent and really a great value for so little money.  I have found many of these very inexpensive connectors from China to be of good overall quality. I am not sure the same can be said for the bulk wire/cable. 
I have several Viborg power cables, all under $150 and they spank many US-made cables selling for 2-5x the price. Their connectors are state-of-the-art and the wiring is pure red copper. Too many folks think if it's made in China it's crap. I can tell you that's crap. Price and quality are not inversely proportional with the Viborgs, they are very, very impressive.
I haven't tried their power cables, but I've been very impressed with their XLR connectors. I've used a number of other XLR connectors over the years (Neutrik, Switchcraft, Cardas, DH Labs, Furutech), and found the Viborg connectors offer the best quality and performance for the dollar. They are comparable to the best of the others I've tried at a much better price. 

I just got one cable and I was so impressed I found another seller in China who is going to get me custom silver plated versions for $150 each. I’m pretty excited going to A/B them but likely going to do all my pieces with them. Not the one above the ones with the secure big connectors and the ultra helix design with copper shielding so their most expensive cable they make