Vibration Control through Ginko products

I have just replaced my long time favorite mini clouds with the wool cloud 22. I will say that the difference is not subtle! My system is comprised of Harbeth super hl5’s, lfd mk 6 amp and Mcintosh mcd 600 cd player. I only listen to digital however I do know what analog sounds like and these new clouds along with the arches ( made of wood) that were placed under my sound anchor stands have transformed the listening experience. There is now an analog liquidity that my system has never before expressed. I have experimented with different products, the last being isoacuostics which are quite good however not as transformative.

1. Tonal balance improves 

2. textures and presence improves 

3. warmth of analog with increased detail and soundscape 

4. Things become Music.


Wool is much closer to a spring than rubber.  Springs (wool ball) isolates your speakers and lets them vibrate independent of the floor.

Glad you enjoy it.  I had the same results when installing townshend platforms.


I have used Gingko platforms under my Amp and server for years and can attest to their efficacy. Under speakers, in my opinion springs work better



What size wool balls do you recommend for a hundred pound amp, so 25 pounds per corner? 3” XFirm or 2” XXFirm?