Vicoustic room treatments?

Hello, I am starting to think about some room treatments for my little listening area. One product I am intrigued by is Vicoustic because of the style of their products. I have been hesitant to add room treatments because frankly I think they are all ugly. Anyway, does anyone have experience with Vicoustic?
I agree that they really look nice. I've saved their web link in my favorites for future consideration if/when I'm in position to build a dedicated audio room. Not sure if they are a new company or just have yet to develop a presence in the US. I could not find a US distributor... closest is in Canada.
Pdreher, they do have US distribution now. I am in contact now and planning a virtual room analysis. I guess they use some software (Odeon) to simulate acoustic behavior in each customer's room. Their prices don't look so bad either. During my discussions with them, they really recommend treating the ceiling. I haven't considered that before but luckily their products look pretty nice so I am going to remain open minded about it.