VICOUSTIC Room Treatments...experiences?

How do you like the Vicoustic Treatments and which models do you utilize? Back in 2007-08 I had a fully treated room with studio-level bass traps, corner traps, diffusers, absorbers, etc...but the new WAF was less than zero to say the least so it all had to go! I've held off with treatments since most of them have the same aspect of being functional but not aesthetically pleasing. The Vicoustics, according to what I've just seen on their website for some of their models definitely seem to challenge that; they have several models that are very ergonomic and that have beautiful design attributes. I'm interested in any feedback regarding any of their models for home hi-fi and home theater application though I focus solely on 2-channel at this point. Thank you in advance!
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I use some Vicoustic products (see my system page). I stayed away from room treatments in the past because of the way they looked. The quality is great but you are definitely paying a premium over a brand like GIK. I personally use a combination of Vicoustic, RealTraps, and GIK. I think for bass trapping you can definitely get better performance with the brands I listed but for higher freq control Vicoustic seems to work just fine.

Which products were you interested in?
I posted this on another thread:
I had similar issues - was looking for room treatment that provided a significant improvement in acoustics without looking like a recording studio. GIK, ATS, REAL Traps , ACS, etc all offer excellent absorption & diffuser solutions, however; they are bland and not ascetically pleasing. Finally found a solution that has a superior WAF while providing the improvement I was looking for. Check out Viacoustics.

I have installed the Wavewood Pro 60; Square Tile Pro 60 and Flexiwood A50's which made a significant improvement in bass response and mid range clarity. When non audiophile folks visit my home they often ask where the decorative panels came from...which confirms my choice.

These can be acquired at Music Direct for about $85/panel. If you can send an email address, I would be happy to send you pics of my set up for comparative sake.

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Thank you both for your quick replies...I had been looking at RealTraps, RFP, GIK and others. The Vicoustics may be the answer to most of my needs and WAF to boot! Thank you!
What size are Vicoustic's premium wood panels? The dimensions aren't listed either at Music Direct or on Vicoustic's webpages.