Victoriaville jazz fest, are you going???

I'm wondering if anybody is going or has ever been to one?
How was your experience.
thanks, op
Hi Opp,
Hopefully, someone will come along w/ a better answer than this one since i haven't even been there once. Every year it's near the top of my wish list. Over the last few years alot of amazing musicians have played there; Fred Frith, Jean Derome, Rene Lussier, Jerry Granelli, Dave Douglas, Thurston Moore, Bill Frisell, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Tony Oxley, Paul Plimley, Mark Dresser, Volapuk, Gerry Hemmingway and Ken Vandermark to name a few. I always kick myself for not finding a way to pull it off. Last year at Nearfest, i ran into some ridiculously well informed music addicts who go every year. From what i hear Victoriaville is a very small town w/ a pretty relaxed atmosphere, and you'll probably be bumping into some of the most brilliant immprovising musicians on the planet while eating breakfast or lunch. In the evenings things pick up and some performances may overlap so you might not be able to catch every group or soloist. I can't think of many festivals that come close to presenting as much challenging new music. Larry Ochs would probably say it's mindblowingly mindblowing.
prefer montreal jazz festival.......or just for laught
Victoriaville is in "la belle province" of Quebec, Canada, I'd say about 1.5 to 2 hrs drive east of Montreal. I've heard good things about the Victoriaville festival, but can't comment personally.

Victo, as it is referred to by the locals, is probably a nice alternative to the Montreal Jazz Fest, which has become rather more a Music Fest than a strictly Jazz Fest and the crowds can be a pain at times, although indoor performances are usually top-notch.
The website is The festival runs from May 20-24. No performance schedule yet, but a Louis Sclavis site puts him there on 5/22 or 23.