Video Monitor Emitting High Pitch Whine


I just purchased a Gateway 21 Inch wide screen video monitor for my PC System. It is emitting an annoying high pitch whine from the back of the monitor. If I adjust the Darkness level downward, the whine gets lower in tone and louder. If I increase it to maximum, it becomes high pitched and quieter, but still there.

I spoke with Gateway. They were polite but clueless.

I tried a PS Audio Humbuster, but it did not stop the noise (It did improve the picture, btw).

Any other suggestions? Please help!!!


Sounds like a plan. Do you believe that it is a problem with the individual monitor or the product line? In other words, should I try a different brand?


I swapped it out for a 22 inch model. It seems to be updated a little. It does not produce the problem.

I wonder what the deal was with the 21 inch one???

Anyhoo, thanks!!!!!