Vienna Acouctics Beethoven Concert Grand vs. Avalon ascendant mk2

I wonder if anyone on this forum had the opportunity to compare these two speakers. 
I'll be very grateful on your experiences...all the best
They couldn't be more different.

Avalon is on the cooler, more resolving side.

VA is more musical sounding but is rolled off.

You really need to listen to them yourself.
Unfortunately I don't have oportunity to listen Avalons. Complicated situation...I have VA Beethoven Baby Grand and I want to upgrade the sound of my system. I heard the VA Beethoven Concert Grand and the sound is similar, very musical, but the VA BCG have bigger sound/stage. I didn't listen them with my amp but I think they are better than Baby grand. Did you have the oportunity to compare VA BBG and BCG?
VA BBG is the sweet spot in the series.

Many prefer it to the BCG.

You are right about the bigger sound and stage of the BCG as they scale up better with more drivers but I think they aren't as sweet sounding.

If you can go up to the Lizst or Kiss, you will get a markedly larger improvement.

I've listened extensively to the Baby Grand, the Concert Grand, and the Liszt, as I was seriously considering getting some VA's at one point.

Mikey is right--the Baby Grand is the sweet spot.  It has a kind of magic that the Concert doesn't have.  Yes, the Concert goes lower, but it's not as involving, not as--sorry--musical.  That quality comes back when you move up to the Liszt, at a significantly higher price.

Never heard the Musics.

itzhak1969 wrote -  The question is if you have proper system to drive such a demand speakers. The answer is that I am not sure. I guess that the most important is the amplifier and I have a pretty good amp that has a lot of power-Bladelius Thor  Mk3 Novitas  with 2 x 175w at 8 ohms(and 2 x 340w at 4 ohms).
-I don't know is it good enough to drive properly Avalons?
-Also I don't know much about positioning of Avalons (how much space they need)?
-I am also thinking about keeping Viennas and invest in better CD player(because I have large CD collection) and better cables. My cd player is Primare CD31 and Cables are Kimber KCAG? On that matter I have good combination for new Primare CD 35 and old(but good) Electrocompaniet emc-1up...
Any good suggestions and thoughs are wellcome
I decided to sell my beethovens to upgrade to some ’big boy speakers 5-6 years ago... I went thru several full range floor standing speakers even a couple class a and first chance I got to buy back a pair I did. I would put the beethovens up against any speaker up to 3 times the fact I prefer the way they sound to the bigger strauss and mahler. case that I keep vienna bbg, I guess there's also space for sound improvement if I change my present speaker cables - Kimber 8TC with something better, maybe Kimber monocle XL or some Cardas or...?
Thx steve59 for the post...I'm getting closer to deciding not to sell my speakers (in fact I was never really 100% sure I wanted to sell them).
In that case the question is how to get the maximum out of them, better speaker cables, better amp than thor,...??