Vienna: Concert Grand vs Baby Grand vs Original?

Has anyone heard/compared these 3 versions:

Vienna Acoustics Beethoven
Vienna Acoustics Concert Grand
Vienna Acoustics Baby Grand

I know the first model is long since discontinued
but it shows up used on Audiogon often.

I heard the concert grand and baby grand briefly a
year back and liked both but at the time thought the
baby grand was richer and more musical. But it was
only a quick listen to part of 1 song.

Has anyone heard all 3 and could tell me how they
differ in sound. And specifically which one was the
most organic and musical sounding? Someone once told
me the 2 newer Beethovens were slightly drier sounding
a thus a tad less musical.

I've only heard the two newer versions and both are very musical. I one the Baby Grands. When I heard the Concert Grands they had not been properly set up and were not fully broken in, which probably is what led me to the Baby Grands.

You know the "family" voice. I think you'll be comfortable with any of them. They like a powerful amplifier with high damping.

I recently listened to the VA Beethovan Concert Grands via a Sims integrated amp (I am not too familiar with this intergrated amp). It was at a dealers in Ann Arbor Michigan. I did not listen long and I did not have my own music (it was just a stop in since I was in the area).

My impression: speakers seem quite forgiving, quite laid back, not super dynamic, better bass than I had expected. It was a speaker that was very easy to enjoy during the listen. My concern for ME, would be how long until I miss the dynamic impact that seems subdued on these speakers.

Since it was not my music or music that I was overly familiar with, I cannot say too much emphatically. The sound stage and imaging seemed neither overly expansive, deep or precise - but that very could have been the music.

In the end, they impressed me enough that I would consider buying a used pair at a decent price. I just picked up a pair of speakers last week from a guy (Coincident Super Eclipse II) that he was selling as he bought the VA-BCGs.

He said he like them a lot but wasn't sure if he liked them better than the Coincidents. His one note was that they were less dynamic. I haven't listened to the Coincidents in the last few days to comment on that.

If anybody has any comments on the VA Beethovan Concert Grands vs. the Beethovan Baby Grands vs. the previous Beethovans, I would like to hear about it.