Views of the Music Fidelity A300cr power amp?

Having recently upgraded the front and back ends of my system, I'm thinking I could use a smoother amp. I want to stay with a higher powered SS amp. Important qualities of sound reproduction are transparency, timing, resolution and accuracy of the midrange. I'm interested in opinions and comparisons for this amp. I'm considering the $2-3K+ price range.
Hopefully the A300cr has more transparency and resolution than its cousin the A300 integrated. This integrated amplifier is definitely smooth sounding. But you lose some of the qualities listed to get it. It is very easy to listen too gear if that's what you seek. It isn't the most accurate either. It could bore you over time IMHO. It maybe best to listen before committing to a certain price range of amplifier. I would pick something like the Monarchy Audio Se250 Hybrid tube monos or something similar over the MF. IMHO the Monarchy gear is in a different league at a lower price.

Good luck
Musical Fidelity made a power amp designated A300cr?
I know there was an A308cr power amplifier.
The Blue Circle NSCS that currently resides in my system replaced an A308cr power amp/Audio Research LS15 pre combination.
I owned a Musical Fidelity A300cr power amp for about a year and a half and used it in conjunction with a Musical Fidelity CD PRE24 (preamp/cd player combo). I traded in the MF A300cr for a Prima Luna Prologue 5 power amp last year, when I changed my systems over to tubes. I enjoyed the A300cr, I just wanted to get into tubes.

So yes, the MF A300cr excels with transparency, timing, resolution and accuracy. I just don't know what your point of reference is though. I had owned an ADCOM 545 power amp for 13 years before going over to MF amps, so I thought that the MF amps were a huge step-up.

If it helps any, the A300cr was the forerunner of the A308cr. My guess is that if you like the 308, you would like the 300.

Regards, Rich
Rich does have a good point if comparing the MF to the Adcoms. I believe once you go Single Ended Class A with no negative will be hard to go back to the MF sound. And impossible to go back to the Adcoms.LOL
Thanks for your comments guys. For an extended period my electronics have been an Aragon 4004 MkII coupled with a C-J PV-12 preamp. I'm inclined to keep the latter component. I do have some space and possible heat dissipation constraints, due to a cherished cherry cabinet I'd also like to keep using. In the Monarchy Audio line, I was interested in what I read about the SE-100 Monoblock Class A amps, which I think would fit. I don't know if they are still being manufactured, but a used set was recently sold here. Are there other Single Ended Class A amps I should consider?