Vifa Drivers and Tweeter

Hi, I just built these speakers

and I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the vifa drivers or if anyone has built these speakers. I'm just starting to build my own system. I built these for $250 and I think they sound pretty good and at least give me a place to start comparing other speakers. I'm using a Rotel to power these.

The frequency response seems very even to my ears (tainted and all), but I was hoping I could get some feedback about the vifa drivers and what people think of this design.


Vifa are used for the tweeter and mids in my Dunlavy SC-IVA
speakers, so they must be pretty good (and not expensive at Madisound). The Dunlavy's sound real good to my ears.
My wife and I were just talking about how her car sounds so bloody good. She has Kaption drivers (Vifa). Tweeter, mids (5.25") and floor pods (6.5").

I went all the way and bought Focal drivers at about 2.5 times the cost. I always seem to enjoy hers more !!!

Vifa drivers are most certainly quality units that are available to us, the consumer, at more than reasonable prices.

Being a speaker builder myself, the one thing I must recommend to you is...brace the hell out of your cabinets. No matter how "solid" you think the cabinets are, they are still resonating and flexing which, without doubt, cancels some of the information reproduced by the drivers. Of course the use of Kimber 4TC or 8TC cabling internally also makes a "huge" improvement in imaging and soundstage size. Please use the best connectors as well. It is a shame when we put so many hours into the construction of the cabinets and the careful selection of drivers, then put a cheap brass/plastic connector into the circuit. Cardas are the best and Vampire will be the best "bang-for-your-buck" !!!

All the best to you !
Mike Royer
Thanks for the response. What do you mean by connector? Also does anyone have a suggest for a decent speaker stand that isn't too pricey. Sitting on two glass end tables right now and I know there has to be something better out there.

Thanks again,

Vifa are fine, they are a "cheaper" Scanspeak (same company). Indeed, some of their drivers are units of choice for many diyers and manufacturers (a few examples: the XT25/D27T tweets, the p17 mid).
Vifa drivers are also used in PMC - speakers
(Professional Monitor Company)
they are used in the TB2,FB1,AB2, & IB1's
Vifa drivers are very good.

This midwoofer I like in particular. Personally, I much prefer the D27TG45 tweeters, but if you have already built it, sit back and enjoy!