Vinnie Rossi

Can anyone provide feedback regarding the new Vinnie Rossi preamp/amp?


it looks like there was some info on here but was deleted.


I was able to listen to both the new integrated as well as the separate pre/amps. The use of these triodes was very nice sounding. Compared to my burmester 911, I would describe it as warm and full bodied - if those are such a thing


Curious to know everyone else’s experiences


Heard It in two rooms at Axpona this weekend.  So crazy as the system with the Magico’s A5 sounded blah. The room with the Rockport Atria sounded fantastic. No doubt it is a great piece .   The 2 front meters can be shut down as they could be a little distracting. 

My Brama integrated sound better to my ear with the Audiovector R6 Arreté,    
than my Soulution 330 int.   integrated. Moreover with the high frequencies.   
The tube mode is very musical and organic ( 300B Western Electric )    
Class A/B

I think , the Brama  PreAmp. has more control over the tube mode.   
Mono and stereo mode  .    
Class A 
If money  is not an issue :  separates  !   But the Brama integrated is nice gear.

If you can wait ; mono blocs Brama amplifiers  are in the cards  .



Interestingly, I heard the Brama/Rockport setup and came away disappointed. It didn’t sound “sorted out” to me. I’m familiar with and like Rockports very much, but thought the speakers too close for listening. And, to me, it sounded bright and not particularly smooth - the opposite of what I’ve heard from Rockports before.

So, I’m guessing I caught the room while they were playing poor tracks.  

I’ve wanted to hear the VR Brama for a while (nearest dealer is 5 hours away).  

As an aside - I didn’t like the Magico either - lacked musicality.  I guess I’m too fussy!