Vintage 1990 Sony X77es as a transport

I just recently traded my pioneer pd65 for a sony x77es. I immediately noticed that the sony had a little more detail and a tighter bass response, but at the expense of sounding a little more analytical. The Pioneer had been in my system consisting of Quicksilver audio gear for over 3 years. I noticed the lack of warmth and naturalness that the Pioneer seemed to always have. Don't get me wrong! I like the sony very much and it's built like a tank. You wont find many players out there today built to the sony standards of the early 90's. There are high quality parts in this machine and if you can still find one, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one. I just wanted to ask anyone who owns this player or the x777es(1 or 2 yrs newer)if there is a way to upgrade the sony with a dac or certain tweaks. I don't know if you can upgrade the power cord because it is attached. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on this. Chip
You would've done better to obtain a 779 or XA7. It can probably be modded to accept a IEC cord. Check with Northern Sound Company for ideas.
I own a CDP-X707ES from 1996 (the unit before the new X7ES). I understand that Levinson used to do some fancy mods on the "7" series players. But the cost was about $1k and I was not sure if it was worth the money. The X77ES was a great player and if it is not exhibiting problems, probably stacks up to most plyers made today!
I have been using the X77es for nine years now...I was able to obtain much better resolution and image depth by placing it on a Zoethecus stand equipped with their isolation pods. like a whole new player! I do not plan to repalce this player anytime soon...good
Back in 90 my brother had a all top end es system prof installed and the cd player was the x77es and it sounded great as i remember. Try using a Monarchy DIP between the x77es and Dac, this should smooth it out alittle. It may be a little forward on its own but still a great Cd player even in todays standard. Some Cardas Golden Cross ic's might also tame it alittle. HNY-- Mike
Thanks for all the advice. I was thinking of buying a dip unit from monarcy. I'm not sure what dac to use with it though. I'd be happy with something used and inexpensive also, are there certain interconnects that make a difference? I use FMS at 250.00 a meter pair. I think its a great cable and is all copper. Has any one tried silver on this player? thanks guys for responding!