Vinyl Cleaning: Device to keep label dry?

I have some rough vinyl that will require more than a damp brush to resurrect. I will need to immerse the platters in soapy water. I thought I saw somewhere some kind of device that clamps onto the record, encircling the label and sealing it from water damage. Maybe it had a silicone gasket type material where it holds onto the record.

Anyone know what I saw, or was it another weird dream?

I've seen it around here too.This might be it.[]
I have one of those Groovmaster's shown in the post linked by Hifihvn. It does its job well.

The guy who made them used to sell direct on ebay but he doesn't seem to be listing them now. If you can't find one for sale, Google "groovmaster" and several sites will pop up showing how to DIY from bits available at Home Depot. I could be persuaded to part with mine, since washing LP's by hand no longer cuts it for my purposes.
I have a groovmaster and it works well, especially when using steam to clean. I recommend having two, it makes the process go faster.
Yesterday I read about a device called the "Spin Clean Record Washer" on the Needle Doctor site, complete with demo video. It's designed in such a way as to eliminate the wet label concern ... looks promising. I can see how it could probably be used in a steam cleaning application too. Right now, during steam cleaning - to keep the label dry - I cover the label with a small finger bowl (slightly larger than label size in diameter). It works, but it's pretty slow.
Buconero117/Strateahed - Just curious, are you getting better results from steam than from a typical vacuum RCM w/fluids set-up? Also, are you using the Mapleshade steam cleaner?
Gradys - I never tried a typical RCM w/ fluids. My process consists of cleaning one side at a time using Disc Doctor Cleaner applied/scrubbed gently with record cleaning brush; wiped clean with micro fiber towel #1, then steamed with Perfection Steamer (using mineral free pure water), then dried with separate micro fiber towel #2. Then air dry in dish rack. Great results, but only do a few records at a time. I rationalize the work with "I only have to do it once".
I've never had a problem with the majority of lables out there. I don't think it would be too hard to fabricate something from a home store tho meet your needs.
Thank you folks. People here are ALWAYS so helpful.
Gradys - just curious, any particular type of micro fiber towel? Are they all lint free?
Craig_c, I think that question was for me. I get my micro fiber towels at Pep Boys ... same place as I get the Peak purified, mineral free water. The towels come in bags and are used to clean auto glass. There's a long "Steam Cleaning" records thread in the Analog section. That's where I got all my information. Good luck, and happy listening.