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Flat copper speaker cables
Goertz Alpha-core +1  
What is the quality and performance level of Fluance turntables??
@sunnyjim , in answer to your question, so far I've found the Fluance RT85 table to be of good quality and it performs very well. I mean over 1,000  5-star Amazon ratings must mean something. That said, don't let yourself be deterred by the low pr... 
Wayne Shorter documentary
Thanks @bikeboy52! Big fan of Shorter too. I'll be looking for it.  
Pre-amp with solid state/passive AND tube modes (Like Schiit Freya+)
Congrats ... FWIW, the Schiit Freya+ is fully balanced.   
Salk Future TBD
@mlsstl + 1, but it takes planning @renosteve while your experience was unfortunate, I also disagree that Jim Salk deserves anything less than the very best. I say that because of all the folks I encountered at a couple of audio shows, he was the... 
Review of Ascend Acoustics’ ELX Tower Speakers (released 2022)
@hilde45  Thanks for the excellent review! While you may not be a professional reviewer, you covered all the bases and checked all the boxes as far as I’m concerned. Give yourself credit for providing context and personal listening experience for... 
Complete vinyl system, TT to speakers, for $1500?
@lewm , did you get a chance to check the link in my post? Those systems have "... everything you need to play vinyl records." So the phono preamp is included with the top packages. Plus could be delivered, all-in for well under $1,500. What's not... 
Complete vinyl system, TT to speakers, for $1500?
@lewm really good of you to help out! Partially based on my own experience, Fluance might be just the ticket. I have the Fluance RT85 outfitted with AT VM750SH cartidge and it's quite good. [Sold the stock Ortofon 2M Blue,  which is more than adeq... 
Jazz for aficionados
Just this moment, Lee Morgan's "Search for a New Land" came up in my Qobuz queue. Wayne's sax work woven into that piece ... man I could just cry.    
Wayne Shorter Has passed
Been busy all day, and just found out. He was a giant, leaving a great legacy. Had the good fortune of seeing/hearing him live a couple of times. Feel the loss, but he'll still be with us.   
Which preamps use 6922/6DJ8 tubes?
@mulveling  Good catch! My sincere apologies to OP (and everyone else) for not checking info before posting. That's on me, as I've had to fact check this thing a couple of times; so I should've known better. Thanks for your contributions to the a... 
Which preamps use 6922/6DJ8 tubes?
I’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence model with a few things (audio included); so I thought it might be interesting to see what AI had to say. Heaven knows I’ve been steered in different directions based on members’ persona... 
Protip: Using a sub? Plug your mains
@erik_squires , thanks so much for this tip! I felt compelled to chime in with positive results. Used a couple of sock pairs to plug port in right Tekton Enzo XL. It has really cleaned up and tightened bass. Plugging both speakers was a little bit... 
Full range speaker recommendation
@blackbag20 +1 I generally refrain from commenting on something, unless I have firsthand experience. However, in this case there is a bit of reference and context.  I met Jim Salk a couple of times at audio shows and listened to his different mo... 
IS there such an animal?
@reubent  +1 Oppo players play pretty much ALL formats. Plus, all one has to do is "turn off" video processing and go pure audio only. In other words, video circuits are present but not engaged.  Good luck, and Happy Listening!