Vitus Sia 025 with REL. Or any other xlr balanced amp

Hello all,

I am running a vitus sia025 with a set of ZU speakers and a rel t9x.

I have found the sub is not performing, like it did with Dsp process in my lyngdorf 3400. it barely moves and only muddies the sound. 

speaking with rel they have suggested going low level because there might be an issue with the sensitivity of the ZU as they are 99bd efficient. Has anyone here had a similar issue or running a balanced XLR only pre out into a single rca? 

I am looking at either a y splitter, building a cable specifically for it or running a single xlr to rca, but understand that could impact sound quality of it’s taking one channel of bass only. 



If your not using the Hi level Speakon connection for the REL you should be. It allows you to connect right to the amplifiers output taps! In this way the REL will seamlessly integrate with the main speakers. Your amp is not affected by this at all.

The REL is self powered and is a completely separate system.


Matt M

Thanks Matt. 

that’s how it was connected and is far from impressive. It’s rel’s recommendation to move away from high level due to the sensitivity of the speakers. 

if it were a different set up it would still be high level although when using it with my lyngdorf the mains delay with the low level lifts it again.