Vivid Audio Moya 1 loudspeakers.

Vivid Audio Moya M 1 loudspeakers. Have you seen these ?


As I have posted often I am a Vivid fan across all of there price points, which are dear at any configuration.   I own the Giya G3s and have spent time with the Giya G1 Spirit.  IMHO one of the most clear, coherent, natural timbre brands on the market with deep staging, three dimensional imaging, dynamic, and detailed speakers across all family members.  The G1s one of the best, if not the best I have heard at GTT Audio in NJ. The Moya M1 size, 750lb/speaker, driver configuration must only improve upon the G1 if you have a complementary listening room, associated equipment, and $450k price of ownership, neither of which I have.  As we have been posting this week, price does not always equal acoustic performance or satisfaction.  I will remain content with my system. 

Yes!!!  I've heard various Vivid models at an high end audio dealership in SF, and I  thought they were some of the very best sounding speakers I'd ever heard.