Vladimir Lamm RIP

Saw a notice on What's Best Forum of his passing. RIP!




Vlad Lamm was a significant force in designing and building; and was a class act in all my encounters with him. He leaves us a world a little less filled with his particular genius, and a legacy that I hope is long lasting.

I appreciate your comments. I met him at CES and he seemed to be a nice and genuine person. May he rest in peace and my sympathies to his surviving family.



We used his M1.1 mono blocks for years.  Wonderful sound and incredible performance.  Had a minor issue on one amp which he promptly repaired and returned quickly.  So sad to hear of his passing.  Truly wonderful equipment.

I met him briefly at one of the Stereophile shows in the LA area. Very nice man with a great ear. RIP Mr.Lamm.

Sad news. His name was actually Shuschurin (sp?).

I had spoken with him several times. His creations are truly top notch.

He especially favored his tube amps.