Volent VL-2, Hyperion 968 or Acoustic Zen Adagio

I use my system for 50% 2 channel and 50% 5 channel. The room is about 20x18. I use a Denon 3808 to drive the system. Thanks in advance.
I think taste will play a big part here. These are all excellent speakers. If you value top to bottopm speed and transparency most highly, the Volent are about as good as you can get, period. They really do sound like large ribbon speakers. Bass is full and powerful, but there is no trace of added warmth or sweetening anywhere. If you like a softer sound with more body the others might be more to your liking.
I have heard the Hyperion and the Acoustic Zen. I would choose the Hyperion any time. IMHO
Would love to hear the Hyperion. They seemingly have no dealers. I know they are made in Red China, so they are less expensive given that labor costs are almost non existent so perhaps a deal can be had.
Their only disadvantage is very high SPL's, where the cabinet does not seem that rigid but only conmpared to Wilson Audio or Hansen. Other than that it is a very similar sound to the prementioned manufacturers!
Slinker, try this site. Has many useful info on the Hyperion including comparisons to other speakers. Haven't heard the Volent, but have heard Acoustic Zen. I have to agree with Argyro, the Hyperion is better.

Hyperion 968 is a speaker that should be compared to speakers that cost at least $15000 - $20000. It plays music in a level far above its price....
Hyperion "similar sounding" to Wilson and Hansen.....far from
it.......only as a joke, the cabinet ringing all the time in piano forte. If you don't
know how natural music instruments sounds you may never noticed and live in
your placebo world.
KOPS to me the Hyperions reach 80% the performance of these speakers and they cost about 10% of the prementioned speakers. Thats my opinion only of course...
I agree and disagree with Argyro. I agree that the Hyperion 968 gives you 80% of the Hansen performance but they are both better speakers than the Wilson Watt/Puppy.

Kops there is no ringing in Hyperions when piano is playing. If this is what you heard then it was not the speakers to blame it might be something else in this system (probably cables)....
Just got them two days ago and now I understand why everyone said I would need an amp. the b&w's i had didnt need the power but these seem to want more and better power.
Just to give you an idea, I use a 17.000 Euros set of amplifiers to drive my Hyperion 938. The better the amplifiers you are using the best the result you will get.
Hyperions belong in a higher class than their retail price would imply so try to drive them with high quality electronics....