Voltage Problems in the Caribbean

Hello all,

I am currently living in the West Indies and the power here is horrible. Lights dim, surge protectors click and some of my audio gear just stops working at times when this happens. I have a APC battery back up/line conditioner but I think it is incredibly inadequate. I have a Schiit Bifrost and I cant even use it during peak hours. It just stops playing.

Can some one please recommend a better solution? I was about to press buy now on a PS audio power center but I thought I would get some feed back from the Agon-a-sphere first.


I don't think anything short of going off the grid will solve your problems. Batteries are probably the only way for you to get consistent power, but that can get expensive.

I dread to think how I'd deal with a situation like yours. Best of luck.

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My goto guru for all things power is a dude who has his business on facebook - Alan Maher of Alan Maher Designs. He has lots of experience and quite some grasp of how power grids work all over the globe and what it all means for audiophiles. He has extensive experience in the pro arena as well. But, I suspect you'll be doing yourself a big fat favor by going to FB and friending him and then just sending him a FB message and laying out your predicament. I'd say, if anyone I know can help you, he can. Regards.
If the problem is sagging voltage, you could potentially try something like this Equitech product that they are selling on closeout. Though I would call them first to see if they think it could solve your problem. Product description:

Model 1R-J - Identical product to Model 1R but with 8% voltage boost. Originally these units were intended for use in Japan and the Caribbean where common AC power is 100 Volts and where North American gear designed for 115-120V is to be used. They are also very useful in areas of the US where the voltage is low. (<110V-115V) They will correct low voltage situations and output a nominal 120V. They are not to be used in North America where the local line voltage is typically in excess of 110V. If this recommendation is not followed, tubes and power supplies will be short lived. However, these "J" units can be very useful where lower supply voltage (100V - 110V) is all that is availble and North American equipment designed for 115-120V power is to be used. Special Clearance Price - Only a few left - $500

BTW, $500 for an Equitech product is a steal.
Jeff Rowland made Preamps and Amps with Battery Power Supplies. they
sound very good and are very reliable. Amazon turntable is available with
Batteries, too. That is good Equipment...
I ended up getting the PS Audio. I have been running it for 2 months now and I get incoming voltages as low as 103 fairly regular. Sometimes even at 100. I have not observed an outgoing voltage lower than 115. As long as I am getting 106 from the wall the PS will give me 120. The Bifrost works now. I do not get the snaps and pops I use to hear and the music definitely sounds better. Much better. My speakers are pretty sensitive and there use to be a hum. Not loud but if you put your ear to the speaker you could hear the background noise. ItÂ’s gone.

I thought I would share my experience with everyone. Thanks for the input.