Volti does it again!

For anyone at the Florida Audio Expo I hope you took the time to check in on what Greg of Volti audio brought. A new model, right between the Razz and Rival. It’s called Lucera and it sounds sublime! Everything I love about my Razz but better in all ways. I am literally sitting in my hotel room trying to negotiate with my better half on how to order a pair. 
PS, everything I’ve read about visiting the “Three Amigos” at the show is correct. Volti, Border Patrol, and Triode labs make a heavenly combination. I can’t wait to go back and listen again tomorrow.

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That's some nice gear and I am willing to bet those new Volti speakers will sound great, better sound in every area. Nice choice and match to the Cary.

I've been interested in Volti speakers for a while but was turned off by the "no returns for any reason" policy...I'd have to be sold on them at a show I suppose but that's very unlikely as no shows appear to be near me or anywhere I feel like traveling to. Yet.

You may want to wait to listen in a non show, non hotel room environment if possible. I always find it tough to make an informed decision when at Axpona or similar- so busy, loud, distracting etc. Plus, theres always that overwhelming urge I have to buy SOMETHING- that skews me toward a bias I'm sure lol.

Volti speakers are very nicely built.  The founder started out as a cabinet maker and it shows in the wood work.  I like the sound too.  The Razz and Rival are lively sounding without harsh peaks are extreme nasal coloration found in some horn systems.  The biggest weakness of both, for my taste, is the bass sounding a little bit disconnected and different from the rest of the range.  I also heard their big flagship (can’t remember the name) and liked that too.  Their horn systems are terrific at their price points.  

@wolf_garcia I agree completely, especially given the amount of money involved. For me it was a leap of sorts to take the pretty long drive down to Volti to listen and make my decision. No doubt some psychology was involved on my part, “ well I’m here, they look soo pretty, I made the drive etc..” to Greg’s credit he had me listen for hours, well into the night, pretty much anything I wanted to hear that I normally would. Perhaps the planets were all aligned, or just call it luck because the Razz exceeded all of my expectations, I was sold!  If you are in the NE Ohio area or close enough, I’d be happy to have you come, anyone on AG too for that matter…

Thank you @2psyop it’s taken a while for me to put it together, that’s part of the fun right?

@speedthrills right there with you, bought a nice pair of DH labs bi-wire speaker cable and locking bananas. Not because I needed them, but wanted them. 😁😁