Von Schweikert Event at New Life Audio, Day 2

On October 14 and 15, 2023, The Listening Chair attended a private presentation and demo given by Von Schweikert Audio at retailer New Life Audio. At the event from VSA was Damon Von Schweikert, CEO, and Leif Swanson, Chief Design Officer. Present from NLA was the company's owner, Shawn Mathew.

This video, made on day 2 of the event at NLA’s Queens, New York, location, features VSA’s flagship Ultra 7 Reference speaker ($180,000 USD/pair). Check out the video!




It’s a shame that when Albert came out with the original VR4 (and even the Counterpoint Clearfield Metropolitan before that) that he was building speakers for the average working stiff. Now the entry point is 12K for a speaker that (on first glance) probably wouldn’t have compared all that favorably to the VR4.

VSA is clearly for the well heeled now. Nothing wrong with that. But I guess if you want a budget friendly design, best to look elsewhere.


BTW, the Ultra 7 isn't even their reference speaker now.