Von Schweikert VR2 vs VR3

These appear to be totaly different speaker designs. What are the differences in sound and which would work better for classic rock music?
VR2...It has increaced dynamics and low end over the 3.The 3 is a fine speaker, but will not have the impact the 2 has, and would be a better choice for jazz,vocal type music.
I own VR2s and don't recommend them as Rock speakers I have a seperate system for Rock. The VR2s have superb tone and timbre for classical music at medium loud volumes. If you want to blow your ears off as I do on occasion think of something else I am using Klipsch Heresies and Lascalas in Paralell with a big AR solid state and a Coda pre for rock. Don't consider current Klipsch only heritage models there are many others. The VR2s are pretty and really great with acoustical music. The 6.5 inch woofers aren't really made to move you off your seat. You'll need something with a decent size woofer for rock/pop or move up to the Vr4jrs which have a totally different presentation. If you listen at low to moderate levels then by all means the VR2. I was told the VR3 was an experiment meant for side main speakers in a surround system and not a true music speaker.
I'd go with the VR 2 if you can't stretch to the vr 4. Its a terrific speaker and works for all types of music. It sounds fine loud depending on the amp. Read some online reviews on it. They have been pretty accurate. I've auditioned with all kinds of music.

The VR2 is far better than the VR3. I recently had my VR2s up for sale, and I do believe you contacted me about them. After looking at and listening to other contenders, I have decided to keep them. I don't think I can better them anywhere near the price. Most other speakers on the used market under 2K would probably only be a lateral move. The VR2s have a midrange that is so real and believable, I find this lacking in many other speakers. Add the holographic imaging and dynamic expressiveness and you have something very special. I am guilty of often looking at the grass on the other side of the fence and wondering what it would be like. I think I will stop looking and just enjoy what I have.

Bottom line, the VR2 is worth every penny of the retail price. Find them used and you have quite a bargain.