Von Schweikert VR2

Any suggestions on a good match for these speakers
would be greatly appreciated.
Right now, I am using my backup cables (Nordost Gold)

I have the speakers dialed in to the nth degree, and
now I need to ditch the stock jumpers & backup
cables. They are very detailed & dynamic with wide & deep
soundstage. Now I want to add
a degree of sweetness.

The rest of my gear consists of:

Spectron D-1 amp
EE Mini Max tube pre.
Audio Note Cd 2.1x cdp
Wireworld silver ic's
Stock Pc's. (Upgrade planned)

System right now sounds great but a little harsh (hashy)??
"sometimes", and seem to get somewhat of a headache after
long sessions (fatigue??) I'm sure it's the $75 dollar
cables & steel jumpers!!??

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi again,

This supposed to be a "speaker cable" recommendation.
I left it out of the header.

Go to Radio Shack and buy the best speaker cable they offer and call it a day - almost all the speaker cables and interconnects in this industry are overpriced and the biggest rip-off going. Nine out of ten, perhaps ten out of ten people couldn't tell the difference between one speaker cable over another.
This kind of post usually comes from someone who doesn't have the kind of system to resolve the differences cables can make. Pay no attention at all to this kind of "advice".

OTOH, many cables are way overpriced, stupidly so even. BUT, there are sonic improvements to be had over zip cord. Pick your budget and audition some brands in that price range. I would suggest to you the Luminous Audio Renaissance cables @ only 12.00/ft. These are excellent sounding and won't break the bank. I have compared them to offerings costing much more, and they were the clear winners. But probably the most important thing to you right now is to get rid of those jumpers and bi-wire. Something Sedona would probably disagree with also.

Let's see, a Bel Canto digital amp with Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III speakers, --- pay no attention to me I guess I don't have the kind of system to resove the differences cables can make. Or maybe I'm one of those people who think 99% of us couldn't tell the difference between various cables.

However, if you are one of the fortunate one's who can hear the difference please go with Oz's suggestion. Afterall, the Luminous cables are 'only' $12.00 per foot which shouldn't break the bank, and maybe they may even help 'add a degree of sweetness' lacking with your Nordost cables.

At any rate, best of Luck I understand the VR2's are good speakers.
Jim, I agree with Oz. I've been through many different cables and they all have various characteristics. It's true that a certain level of system resolution is required to identify different sonic signatures in anything interchanged. It's also true that there's much overpricing and excessive hype in the cable market. However, there are great values to be had if you do a little research and buy used cables. I personally have settled on the Virtual Dynamics cables for my present system. They do everything I expect and are a great value. The VD cables replaced cables that were 3x thier cost. Good luck, Dave