VPI and Oracle in May 2003 Architectural Digest

Just recieved the latest issue of AD. This issue is devoted to "great design". There are two mentions of turntables. One is of the VPI TNT and a hundred or so pages later the Oracle Alexandra. The Alexandra is accompanied by a quote from an interior designer who fancies himself a fanatic for vinyl and turntables. Another example of form following function... Kind of surprising in a way. If one were to believe the pages of Audio/Video Interiors, equipment should be heard and not seen.
Meridian also advertises their home theater systems in AD. No matter the reason for the appeal, at least it gives high quality audio some exposure beyond the specialty mags.
I own an Alexandria and a Delphi IV. The Alexandria is both visually appealing AND a very nice sounding turntable for the money. No, it's not a Delphi but in it's price range very very hard to beat. The fact it's in AD shouldn't diminish it's qualities at all.