Architectural Digest finally shows audio gear!


Jay-Z has pretty good taste, at least architecturally and in audio gear. It appears he has a Nagra Classic preamp, a Nagra Classic dac, two Nagra Classic amplifiers run as dual mono, what appears to be a technics turntable and Devore O96 speakers in a custom finish.

As a subscriber to AD for several years now I have often wondered if AD edits out stereo gear or if the 1% just aren’t into music like the members of Audiogon. 

1%ers love audio, no obsessing though. AD doesn't think it looks great and they aren't wrong much of the time. 

Nice system and good to hear Jay Z cares about sound. I did ditch Tidal for Qobuz but that's nothing to do with him.

My daughter's apartment was in AD many years ago and, while there was a casual reference to the audio and HT setups, neither were illustrated.

He get no stage with speaker shove in corner like drunk uncle. He need let them breath be man of house proper setup. Maybe Miller help him make place look like proper audiophile jungle gym help scratch some 45 cut some rug beat box breakdance trip on some sheet of acid.

Real classy Millercarbon.

Tell us what you really think.

Take his digs over yours any day.

@lwin Nice dig.

1% just aren’t into music like the members of Audiogon

Take his digs over yours any day.

His digs are whipped Freudian Oedipal WAF complex run amok.

My digs are Troll Master of the Universe level. 

You know it. I know it. We all know it. Heck even tubebuffer is trying to tell you.



Though people from all walks of life seem to be able to appreciate industrial design, whether it is a turntable or stove, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a residential design setting-- in fact, in my experience in high end residential, the interior designer would find what we do-- from cables to anything that smacks of "equipment"-- to be stuff to be removed from a room before it is photographed or used. Our interest doesn’t translate (except in limited ways that can be interesting). The readers of AD are either people looking for ideas, or designers whose works are appearing there as a credential. Haven’t read that magazine in a decade or more. If they did a section on integrating sound and room, that could be fun. Home theatre got that treatment at one point-- some very "overdone" rooms.

....seemed a tad harsh, MC...;)

If you puked at viewing my stuff, I could understand but would still hand you a bag...*L*

Interior designers like 'pretty bling' when it comes to 'techie' stuff....

LP fans ought to be pleased that the 'end piece' of Tues. 12/28 MSNBCs' The Beat w/Ari Melber has him chatting up his parents about their vinyls.  Turns out Mom prefers CDs' over the LPs'.....(can be found on TikTok, if you're curious...)

I remember something about women's hearing doesn't deteriorate as much as males, but I might be wrong 'bout that...*horrrors!*LOL*


" 'Bot Non since '51! "


If only Jay-Z had a gold toilet. Then Chuck aka Asian much speak poor Yoda praise rooftops to him.


Neither belt nor seat.

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+1 You are 100% correct. AD is marketing primarily for Interior Designers and furniture companies. It pushes certain trends like a fashion magazine does for clothing.

“Juddian minimalism” is an interesting term. I didn’t know the works of Donald Judd was an official movement. Learn something new every day.

Super!  I remember posting about AD ignoring great looking systems.  Soon there will be more and maybe ads too.  AD editors read these posts.

I have two realtors send me listings of homes in my area to get a feel for real estate values in our area.  I usually look at several new listings per day and I have yet to see two speakers in a room.  No wonder why the dealers are hurting.  People must be allergic to music.

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Not impressed at all. I don't care for LA period. As far as stereo I've seen worse setups, when people have NO money much less all the money they ever needed. 

Why such a crappy set up. I use to like the bling, I feel like Mike Tyson after Buster left him lookin for his mouth piece. "What Happened"? :-)

For a "Music Man", something is missing in a VERY big way. 

The only thing I kinda liked was the exposed HVAC ducting, Everything including the weird chairs would have to go.

This image may contain Furniture Animal Bird Throne Art and Painting

I thought this was more Jay Z!!! I know he's a Compton CA guy, but we had El Pueblo in Pittsburg CA.
Very small neighborhood, One way in and NO WAY OUT..
Compton wanted to LOOK tough, El Pueblo really WAS.
1/2 of San Quentin population came from El Pueblo.  

The digs don't reflect a tough guy do they. At least a pair of boxing gloves on the wall and picture of James Dean. 

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Jay Z is Brooklyn born and raised, Left coast, Right coast same thing to me. The thing I like most about Jay Z is his wifes bottom. No need to beat around the bush.

That one would "make the rockin' world go round".


@oldhvymec comment uncalled for. The thread was started to show that an audio system made it in to Architectural Digest. 

WHAT audio system? You mean the speaker in the corner. OR Beyonce BOTTOM.

I’ll say when it’s called for buddy not you .. His DIGS suck! What and how does it reflect Jay Z music in ANY way..

I’m not the one who sell his spouse for millions of dollars for a private show in Timbuktu.. He is QUIT the promoter all right. I also don't sell bottom-LESS clothes either, She does.. Why not it's a nice bottom..

The office space on the other hand.. I’m sure it cost a lot, other than that, I have an old hat I like a lot better.




There was simply no need for comments about anyone’s appearance. I try not to participate in threads where things can go off the rails: politics, sexism, religion, etc. I initiated the thread merely to show that a system did make it in to Architectural Digest as I recall previous discussions of why weren’t systems ever depicted.


Its pretty clear in the photo that a dual mono Nagra stack and a turntable along with  Devore O96 speakers constitutes a serious system. I would imagine they moved speakers out of the way for a photo shoot but at least the system was pictured.


Your editorializing about Mr. Carter’s wife was unfortunate. Whether your opinion of the decor or the system quality is relevant or not isn’t out of line in the least. Just the sexist comments are. I look the other way though and give you the benefit of the doubt that your automatic assumption that he was from SoCentral LA/Compton because his fortune originated in Hip Hop or whether any mention of San Quentin was necessary in an archtectural thread. You seem like a great guy, youve worked hard, you have a passion for music and gear…I enjoy your frequent stream of consciousness posts…we are not on opposite sides of any issue of which I am aware. With that said, I don’t find sexism, even accidental sexism disguised as locker room banter, funny in the least and wish it had no place on Audiogon. Peace.

Again I don't care what you think.. Do you understand that. When I need YOU or anyone else on this planet to correct ME for my views of HER BOTTOM, or Quentin, I'll ask for it. I did NOT. She has a wonderful BOTTOM, you don't like my saying so TOUGH!!

It ain't gonna stop my opinion or the fact that EVERY chance she gets to shake that money maker she doses. For a lot of MONEY. The only thing that whole crowd cares about other than THEM not being the victim of their own spew.. IS MO MONEY. 

I'm pretty sure in a case, My opinion vs her bottom, 12 people would say, that her bottom use to be the talk of the town, still may be for all I know.. AND me saying so is exactly what the whole idea was, not her voice, HER BOTTOM. From what I remember she spent MOST of her time aiming that thing AT THE audience.

Sexism, who ever dreamed up that word. How do you think you got here someone let a rooster walk by and chicken lay an egg. Sexually oppressed what are you Vulcan or something, ONCE every 7 years..

As for any thing else I've EVER said that is none of you business either. BTW that goes 100% the other way too. 

His "Office and sound system" still SUCK for a music man.. Maybe you have as bad of taste as he does.

I gotta go out and castrate some goats. Slow ones first.. Come on over buddy, we'll bite off a few the old fashion way. You think you can hang? LOL

Next thing won't be able to talk about the Birds and the Bees, What the heck do you think the BLUES is all about? Makin' bread. I'm a Handsome Cave Man and don't forget it.. I act like one too.. So WHAT?




All I was trying to communicate is that this thread was about gear or architecture. There are plenty of threads where no one cares what gets posted. This isn’t one of those. 

Ok I get now. His place sucks for a music guy. Disregard the rest if you want, about her big ol BOTTOM. I consider it a work of art.. From an architecture point of view, I'd say it's pretty symmetrical. Definitely make a good model to chisel out of stone. I'd sure like a full size sculpture. Come through my front door that is what I would get to see. I'll take one for every room.. :-)


Thanks for posting the article. It’s great to see equipment shown in architectural magazines. Most of the time the staging process for photography removes any electronic equipment. As you know, the majority of stereo components do not have a design language and will get removed. 

I made the mistake in a older discussion stating that I consider the how a component looks also to be important to me. That did not go over well with some people. 

Well … He’s really only sucking up to his forum idol !


Well at least I have one. I'd doubt a person of your caliber would understand the only person I worship ain't an IDOL!  BUT the bellyaching got me disappeared anyway. In spite of the facts.

I really don't like you tsushima1. You have been a JERK sense you appeared on AG. Swat SPLAT!. Friggen little bug!! Swat SPLAT...

Go away KID, you bother me!! DO you ever speak about anyone other than the people on AudiogoN. I've never noticed anything EXCEPT for joining in when you have some underhanded slither slop that comes out between the fangs and your mighty thin lips. Back talkin, sissy man. I hope your lips fall off. Both pairs!!

This is me stickin' my tongue out!!

Jay Z office still sucks.. No doubt about it.. How many billion? I like a barn!

Time to feed the chickens..

@ghasley Thanks for sharing and sorry to see all the attempts at dragging your thread into the gutter. 

In a similar vein, you might get a kick out of the inclusion of high end systems in recent television. Two examples of good shows where gear wasn't only in the background, but you could say the systems had "minor parts": 

Bosch on AmazonPrime

Sharp Objects on HBOMax

Allan's $112K Stereo From Sharp Objects





Its funny you post the photo from Bosch, a show we enjoyed very much. The first time the system showed up on screen my wife said hey look! Without any hesitation I said there was zero chance the Mac 240 could handle those Ohm speakers appropriately LOL. I will bet it sounds good though at low volumes.

Looks like Bosch has a very lively room where it is often the case less is more so the Mc probably does nicely with the Ohms in there. Smart choice both architecturally and acoustically going Ohm/Omni in that room.

Impeccable   taste that Bosch! 👍

@sandstone Yup, good eye!

Sorry for going sideways, but @ghasley gotta mention that the Bosch books by Michael Connelly are some of the best fiction in the genre IMHO. Plenty of jazz recommendations buried in there too! Cheers,


@sbank No worries. Audio and Architecture should coexist. Your post shows that beautifully.

Anyone ever see a wire in those glossy photo ads of equipment, normally situated in modern-style dwellings?

Come to that, anyone ever see a cable in Bosch's glassy house?


@twoleftears If you look closely at the above photo of Harry Bosch's system, you can see the interconnects.Google "Harry Bosch house", you will see the power cable on his MX110...

If you've been around movie sets, they tear down and reset for scenes sometimes multiple times per day. In some scenes wire is clearly visible, others they will be set up static. The thing about Jay-Z's office system is that it is in fact a working system. Interior designers WILL spend alot of the client's money hiding cables, running them through walls, the floors, in invisible troughs....

Great post. I know from experience in owning the O/93 that when people place speakers in this way they are sacrificing a good portion of the performance they are paying for. Then I walk in to my house after work to find my wife dancing and singing to music. It doesn't seem to make any difference if she is listening our stereo or the little JBL bluetooth speaker on the kitchen counter. She is grabbed by the rhythm or the lyrics and thoroughly enjoys either. On top of that she knows when I change the EL34's to KT77's (why did you put those in again?) 

We might never know if Jay Z appreciated the easy to drive O/96 because they can plummet the depths of 25hz with 1/2 watt, or if his designer found the shape and color, or JD easy to work with. I'd like to think he appreciates them as I would, but then I think to each his own, he has his reasons. That and it's obvious that he has never heard my Verity Otello's. 🤣

I haven't looked closely, but is that McIntosh gear actually playing in the TV show or is it more likely sound-over or whatever they call it?

@bjesien in some of the Bosch episodes, the tubes are lit and the turntable spinning. With that said, its a 99% chance that the music is overlayed rather than the system ouput mic'd.

Did anyone here watch the show Fringe? I love that show. Music was a huge part of the Dr. Walter Bishop character.

@sbank Very good show pulls and at first I was thinking of all the things to do a high end TV stereo Simaudio? 😛 Nothing wrong with the brand it just seemed random then read the director is from Montreal case closed. I'll have to check Bosch out looks interesting and the system is more my speed.


@femoore12 I never watched Fringe but that's a great screenshot!

watch this to see upscale property tour with Waterfall Audio speakers shown throughout - even commended by the broker. I have Waterfall in open concept space and primary bedroom with latest Naim as my retired to grave kits. Love 'em. 


My guess is that when the photographers and stagers come in to do an architectural shoot, they remove things like pieces of gear and associated cables etc.