VPI HW19MKIV huming motor

I'm hopefull somebody knows whats going on with my table.
My SDS is putting out the usual 72VAC 60Hz. But my table won't turn. When I touch the table spindle I can feel it vibrating but will not turn. Is it dead or dying?
Thanks much for the help, Riqe
Does it spin when plugged directly into the outlet?
Most a/c motors do not like starting at low voltages but are fine to change once it is spinning. Are you using any other power conditioning before the SDS?
Check that the pulley has not become loose on the shaft.. There is a tiny allen set screw in the side of the pulley that may have come loose. See if you can pull the pully up off the shaft.
Mine did the same thing. First plug the motor directly into the wall to make sure it is the SDS and not the motor. Then cycle the SDS on & off a couple of times and see if you can get the table to run at 45rpm. Mine eventually started to work again after going up & down with the voltage & frequency. I use the on/off switch on the turntable and always give the clamp a little turn to get the momentum going, have not had a problem since.
I have a PS Audio Power regulator to where the SDS is connected to. Never been a problem. Will check the pulley but don't think its the problem.
I connected the table to the wall and it works fine. Seems SDS is not putting out enough juice but it working fine. Anybody know what to do with the SDS?
The SDS should be directly connected straight to an outlet, not another power conditioner.

You left out some details. Does the SDS read 115V when you first power it up, and when first powering up the motor on the HW-19? It is supposed to, then ramp down shortly after to a pre-selected voltage. Mark

What PS Audio are you using?
Is it is the older style like I use the PS300 and you are using it with the SDS or any a/c motor make sure Multiwave is disabled. A/C Motors do not like Multiwave an can cause harm to them with or without the SDS. If the newer models also has any type of multiwave turn it off.
I changed the ramp voltage to 115V but when I turn it on I only see 72? is there a way of memorizing the new voltage that I am missing? Must the SDS go straight to the wall outlet?

Yes, as I understand it, the SDS should go direct to the wall. You're actually plugging a power conditioner, into a power conditioner, which to me, makes little sense.

Yes, when the SDS is first turned on, with the turntable plugged into it, but with the tunrtable motor off, it will firstly read 115V, and then drop to the pre-selected voltage. Then when the Turtable Motor turned on, again, it will quickly switch to 115V for initial fire-up of the Table Motor, then again revert back to the lower pre=selected setting after 3-5 seconds.

There is I belive a PDF file on VPI's website, that shows how one can go into the SDS calibration mode, the permanently adjust-set the ramp down voltage. I believe thses setting are 115, 108, 102, 96, 90, 84, 78, and 72 VAC.

There are some instances with the SDS, that using the lowest ramp down voltage (72VAC) may not be sufficient-ideal, due to heavy platters, idler wheels-pulleys, etc, and thus a slightly higher voltage than 72VAC may be needed to acquire stable platter speed, and performance.
Hope this helps. Mark Mark