VPI JMW9 Sig. Arm Tube Ringing. Any remedies?

The mere stylus/record contact during silent passages excites a ringing during playback and is especially audible playing loud cut records with heavy kick drum. It appears to originate from the tube while holding it at the fulcrum and tapping the arm tube with a fingernail. Has anyone found a remedy to effectively drain/mute this resonance without adding much mass to the arm? The effects of this are very annoying. Has anyone using a Benz Micro Ebony 3H or equivelent mass cart replaced the arm with something else and what was your results?
I used the Ebony 3H with the 9 inch Sig arm and it was jaw droppingly wonderful. I dont remember any ringing at all. Call VPI with your question...they are wonderful about solving problems like these. The E-mails are short and to the point, but the problems always get solved.
Stringreen, I will try that. Yes, I agree it is jaw droppingly wonderful. I originally had the weight VPI supplies between the cart and arm but the arm mass/compliance was mismatched and as a result, caused the cart to sound strident and congested in the mid range as a result that over-accentuated mids/highs sound seemed to make the bass sound too light. After removing the weight the congestion disappeared the highs tracked much smoother and the bass has much more definition. The overall soundstage, musicality and listenibility increased in spades. All good except for the ringing that I hear. Thanks for your input.
Contact Music Direct, ask about the "Sumiko Analogue Survival Kit"
It consists of a vinyl/plastic transparent arm wrap (about 3/8" wide) that is stretched before wrapping and then constricts itself (yes like a Boa) around your arm tube, will kill arm tube vibrations and ringing, made very noticible improvement on my Graham standard wand, I later upgraded to the ceramic.

It also comes with a VERY thin gauz like 12" round vinyl placed between platter and LP (NOT A MAT!!) It is ULTRA THIN transparent weave vinyl, about as thick as a single ply sheet of toilet paper, Just like your platter and LP, a perfect interface (fills in the gaps between platter and LP) to drain vibrations out of the LP. IT is VERY VERY effective.
Len W
Before making any mods to the arm (no offence Lwerener), I'd make sure the arm is functioning as intended. I have never heard a ringing when playing either the 9 Sig, or the 10.5i that I'm currently using. You may also try damping the arm slightly...only a few drops of the damping fluid or you'll close in the sound too much. I find that it sometimes makes a positive difference. Are you sure that your arm is seated properly on the bearing pin?
This is from the VPI website, a comparison of the jmw9 arms:


Something else must be wrong, I would contact them.
Lwerner, That would be a last resort but I won't discount it. Stringreen I added a little bit of oil a while ago to the pivot but I don't want to add any more. Storyboy, Thanks for the info. I will call VPI and get some input from them.