VPI mechanical anti-skate devise

does anyone have any experence with setup,
what differences did you experence with the change,
did anyone go back to the wire twist after,

I recently asked for the Forums help with my set-up (VPI Aries 3 / 10.5i plus / Dynavector 17D3), and you and others responded with a lot of valuable hints and advice. My situation was getting the anti-skating adjusted. The 17D3 seems to be a "bugger" to set-up on a uni-piviot..but thanks to all the tips and advice, I feel that I have it tracking everything I currently own (LPs) at 99%. Considering I am now using 6 VPI supplied o-rings for weight on the VPI A/S device, I can't imagine going back to a twisted wire in my situation. I am sure that every cartridge will react differently to the 10.5i and there may be many that will track okay with the minimal anti-skate force afforded by the twisted wire method, but I have now come to believe that a mechanical A/S is a necessity to truly fine tune any cartridge on the 10.5i uni. Audiophiles attempt to adjust every parameter, VTF; VTA; Azimuth; Overhang; Viscous damping; Tangency alignment, and probably 10 more paramenters either real or imagined, but all with extreme percision and acuracy. So okay, anti-skate is a moving target (force) and changes continously across the record and from record to record but so do many of the other forces, so why would we not try to optimize the anti-skate parameter as well?
hello Sschwepler i had to call to get mine and dont know if i want to try it. glad that you have your rig tuned in and playing well.
i am thinking i will give it a try. they did not send any instructions but elusive disc has the whole install on there web site.
you are liking the mechanical better i take it.
VPI says that its not important. I don't use it at all with very favorable results. Its up to you.

I have not installed mine and not recommended by VPI. MF DVD shows how to set up the A/S device.

well i guess that Harry succumbed to the pressure to design a mechanical devise. it looks to be a very simple devise like most others on various tone arms.
i am happy with my wire twist and i am not going to install it at this time.
but i must say the explorer in me says find out what the differences are between the two.
after installing and using the devise i am going to go on record as saying its a much better way to apply anti skate.
i have been using the new devise four weeks now IMO it works superior to the twist method. after time the wires relax and you slowly loose balance.
with the new devise you have to experiment with the supplied rings and there position on the rod. when dialed in your done.
in the end a better widget.
thanks vpi.