VPI Scout 1.1 Motor Noise Problem - Power Off

Just want to summarize what I've read about this issue to make sure the fix is correct. Reviewed the online blog entries related to this problem. The recommendation from the majority of people who offered comment is to obtain .01 microfarad 400v non-polarized capacitor to replace the .001 capacitor installed in the VPI motor. Purchased from SoundStage Direct one week ago - should I obtain the new part directly from VPI or does the dealer provide these parts? Also, any unique installation instructions required or is it a simple swap-out? By the way, no mute button on preamp; changing input prior to powering off motor doesn't solve the noise problem. Thanks for the feedback.
Update: I opened the motor assembly. The actual capacitor included is listed as 0.5 MFD J 400VDC 480001. Can't tell if it's a film or foil capacitor.